Cabinet Fever!

Vintage Vendors Antique Store is home to the now famous display cabinet and pareidolia phenomenon.  What is interesting about the piece is people's interpretation of the natural pattern of the wood grain on the door, which to many has a striking resemblance to that of The Virgin Mary.

Another interesting fact about the cabinet is that if the door is removed and turned upside down the image can be interpreted in the same way.

We posted pictures of the cabinet on Facebook in September 2019 and the response has been amazing ever since, with the post being viewed over 25,000 times and the story has been published by several national and international newspapers.  Many have left comments agreeing that the resemblance is striking.  We have had plenty visitors call to view the cabinet in person and while not everyone can see the resemblance, the vast majority can.  When a statue of “Our Lady of Lourdes” was offered up for comparison the resemblance is undeniable.

While the pattern is formed by natural woodgrain, how people interpret the pattern is known as Pareidolia. Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in a random stimulus. This often leads to people assigning human characteristics to objects.

We know little enough as to the origins of the cabinet other than that it is an Edwardian mahogany display cabinet c. 1910 - 1915 stamped Greenlands Ltd, Hereford England and that it came from a residence in Northern Ireland before being purchased by a Tralee man.

Viral Fame

The cabinet has featured on RTE's show Today with Maura and Daithi,  The Ray D'Arcy Show, Virgin Media's Gogglebox Ireland, RTE Drive Time,  The 2FM Ray D'Arcy Show, News Talk, Radio Kerry,  IRadio, Beat 102 - 103, Today FM, Kerry's Eye, The Irish Examiner, The Irish Sun, The Irish Daily Star and The Irish Post UK.


Media coverage

The Irish Examiner


"Wood you believe it ... Vintage mahogany cabinet making quite a stir in Tralee"

The Irish Independent


"Devotees flock to Kerry antique shop to see door resembling the Virgin Mary."

The Irish Post


"Antique cabinet bearing the uncanny likeness of the Virgin Mary discovered in Tralee"

The Irish Sun


"HOLY MARY! Wooden cabinet causes stir in Kerry after locals at a vintage shop spot the Virgin Mary in the door"

The Irish Mirror


"Locals in Co Kerry left stunned by wooden cabinet with uncanny resemblance to the Virgin Mary"

The Herald


"Shop owner offered €10k for 'Virgin Mary' cabinet which appears to have an outline of the Virgin Mary on the door"

Radio Kerry


"Owner has no plans to sell cabinet said to contain Virgin Mary image"

Beat 102 - 103


"Wood you believe it … Vintage mahogany cabinet making quite a stir in Tralee"



"Jesus, Mary and Cabinets!  An unusual mahogany cabinet is gaining a bit of attention in a Tralee antique shop. "


"Wood you believe it ... Vintage mahogany cabinet making quite a stir in Tralee"

Kerry's Eye


"It’s virgin on the miraculous!

Heavens above!"



"Crowds gather to see Virgin Mary appearing in Co. Kerry"

MSN News


Buyers offer €10,000 for an antique cabinet after image of Our Lady spotted on the door


POLL: Do you see the image of the Virgin Mary in this Irish vintage cabinet?


Kerry owner of cabinet depicting the Virgin Mary says he’s been offered over €10,000 for it


Sure Where Wood You Get It?


Hundreds visit cabinet in Tralee antique shop with ‘image’ of Virgin Mary on it


'Holy Cabinet' That Resembles The Virgin Mary Was Headline News In Kerry This Week

radio interviews


The Ray D'Arcy Show - Radio 1

 Podcast interview with RTE Radio One's 

Ray D'Arcy on 10/10/2019 


Sean Moncrief - News Talk

Podcast interview with News Talk's Sean Moncrief on 11/10/2019 


Mairead Ronan - Today FM

Podcast interview with Today FM's Mairead Ronan on 10/10/2019


Radio Kerry - Jerry O'Sullivan

Kerry Today Show -  "Owner has no plans to sell cabinet said to contain Virgin Mary image"